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Relationship with No String Attached? Don’t Get Trapped Inside

No String Attached RelationshipHave you ever been stuck in a relationship where you have a fairly close relationship with someone, but he also did not want to commit?

Some men may not want to commit for a reason of pursuing his career. Some of them are afraid for not being able to give enough attention because there is a big problem at hand, to clearly say that they are emotionally unavailable.

But even so, he is still taking you out on weekends, giving kind words and often initiate physical touch such as hugs and kisses that make you confused as hell. You may then vent to a close friend to discuss in detail and analyze the 1001 kinds of possibilities why your relationship is still not yet official.

Sounds familiar?

Guess what, it doesn’t matter what excuses he gave you, the fact is simple. He does NOT want to make a commitment with you.

These are the findings based on interviews and chat with many men who had used a variety of reasons to avoid commitment. They are all in one voice and clearly state that it’s just an excuse. Is that true?

According to them, when they are convinced that you are the right person, they will fight to make you theirs, and even they want the whole world knows you’re with him. Busy in the office and other problems will not hinder any man to be with woman they love.

So, what should be done if you’re stuck in a relationship right now without any status attached?

  1. Give him a hint of what you want

    Invite him to speak so that he understands that you want some clarity in this relationship. The talk is enough to be done just once, and not with much emotional tone of pleading. As the two adult humans having the talks, of course, this discussion should be done with a cool head.

  2. Keep a distance

    Once he understands enough about your concern, do not bring up this issue again and give him the distance and time to think. During this time, act as a friend where you can still meet and talk but hold yourself from initiating the contact first. Avoid spoiled attitude and all forms of physical contact that just make you fall back into a relationship without status which you wish to avoid.

  3. Set a deadline

    Set a time limit where you give a chance for him to commit. One condition, never told him about this deadline or it may occur to him that you’re making a threat.

  4. Commitment

    You must also commit that if it reaches the time limit he still does not want to make a commitment, you must have the courage to say goodbye.

In the end, whether you’d be with someone you love, or you regain the freedom and opportunity to find a man who is better for you, you are guaranteed a better situation because you are free from confusion!

How about you, did you ever get stuck in a relationship without status or even are you are experiencing it now?

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