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Natural Detox is the Safety Choice

Natural detox is the safety choiceHealth is the precious thing. So it is not strange that many people do anything to have healthy soul and body. One of the ways is by doing detoxification.

Detoxification is the process of putting off the toxin from body. The food that can’t be absorbed well will settle in the small intestines and it can cause constipation and the clogging of large intestine. As time goes by, this waste will be rooted and can result the toxic gas that easily absorbed through the soft pore in the intestine wall, circulate through blood, and enter into body cells and it can cause any disease.

In the beginning detox is only for the cancer and liver sufferer. For the liver sufferer detox can be done by putting the chemical substance into the body. This substance will react with the metabolic result that can’t be processed by the heart that can’t function well so the detoxification will help to put off this waste from body. While for the cancer sufferer, detox is for neutralizing and putting off the substances that are produced by cancer. Though detox appears with various choices but natural detox is still the best choice.

Natural Detox

Fasting is one of the natural detox methods and it is the oldest method but it functions well, safe, and effective. Fasting can be done only by drinking much mineral water or you can combine it by consuming juice or vegetable.

Principally, detox gives time for digest system to rest by only giving mineral water or juice in three days. Detoxification by consuming mineral water is more intensive because it can burn much calorie while detox with juice is also effective because the nutrition in vegetable and fruit can clean up the toxin safely.

The time period for doing detoxification

The time that you need for detoxification depends on your goal and the illness that you suffer from. The time period of heart disease sufferer is different with the obesity sufferer.

The side effect of Natural Detox

You should do detoxification carefully and don’t let this process disturbs the electrolyte balance in your body that consists of natrium, kalium, calcium, and chlor, etc. If the electrolyte doesn’t balance, the effect is the body will be weak and you can be fainted. Because of that, it is suggested to do natural detox and consume mineral water that contains complete electrolyte.

Tips for doing natural detox:

  • Every wake up in the morning, drink a glass of mineral water.
  • In one day, try to consume 7-8 glasses of juice and vegetables. Do it every two hours and started since 7 am.
  • Make sure that fruit juice or vegetable is made by blender not the juicer so that the digest system can do the function to digest the fiber that contained in juice or vegetable.
  • Use mineral water in making juice so that the electrolyte can be balance in body.
  • Don’t forget to consume much mineral water in the interval time of drinking juice.
  • Do this therapy in 3 days and followed by the normal food pattern that you did before.
  • Always spare your time to do exercise regularly.
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