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Avoid Dry Skin: Here are the Tips

Avoid Dry Skin TipsMost of us are certainly often annoyed with the problem of dry skin. Dry skin does indicate that your skin is not healthy. Its consequences could also affect the appearance, it makes the skin becomes rough, scaly, and often cause itching or burning.


There are many factors that indicate the changes in the skin that was once smooth and well cared, now to look dry.

  • Your shower habit that often using warm water and too long letting the soap stays on skin while bathing is one cause of skin to become dry.
  • The age factor was also told to “trigger” the change of skin condition, because of the decline in skin moisture levels that occur as we age.
  • The surrounding temperature, one of them is when you stay too long in an air-conditioned room, also causes the skin to become dry.

However, it does not mean that dry skin problem can not be handled properly. The trick is not that difficult, but you should be painstaking to do it. Later, if it is done regularly, the dry, rough, and scaly skin may soon disappear.

  • Switch to a soap containing a moisturizer. The benefit is guaranteed. It will make the skin becomes moister and the dryness in your skin may gradually disappear.
  • Apply a moisturizer or body lotion every time after having shower. For the dry parts of the body, give a gentle massage to them.
  • Frequently drink fresh water and take vitamin A to help restoring skin moisture from the inside.
  • Use body protector, like a sweater or an umbrella every time you go out on the daylight.

Hope the tips above could help you in avoiding dry skin.

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