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Tips for Flying When Pregnant

flying when pregnantFor some woman in certain situation, it is inevitable that they should go to the destination that is far. In that situation, whether you like it or not you should use an airplane to be arrived in your destination. If you are in normal condition, it is ok to flight using airplane. But, how about if you are pregnant, does it safe for you and for your fetus for flying when pregnant? Find the answer on the following line to be having flying safe when you pregnant.

Basically, according to the experts, it is fine for pregnant woman to go on trip using an airplane, or in the other words there are no serious health issue for mother and fetus in the womb for flying when pregnant. But, there are several things you should pay attention according to go on trip using an airplane. For example, you’d better not to take a long distance trip. It means pregnant women is safe to have the flight not more than 6 hours.

The other thing that should be paid attention is the gestation time. You are forbid to take a flight when your gestation time is not more than 3 months, since at that time your condition is still weak. You’re still often experience morning sickness. Moreover, if you have a trip in the morning, it will feel torture for you to restrain the morning sickness. So, the first three-semester is the period of gestation time in which you are forbid for flying when pregnant.

If you’re pregnant and wanna have safe flight during your pregnancy period, follow these important tips from gynecologist bellow:

  • Gestation Time for flying when pregnant.
  • It is better for pregnant woman to wait until her gestation time is 14 to 27 weeks. Mother is already more fit than the prior weeks. On the contrary, if the gestation time has entered 7th month, the pregnancy is getting risky. It is possible that baby will be premature or experience placenta previa. Therefore, try to avoid the flight using airplane when you are in the final period of gestation time.

  • Beware of water consumption for flying when pregnant.
  • Add your water consumption to avoid dehydration. When an airplane at the certain height the humidity on the cabin getting low. The oxygen supply is not as much as when still on the land. Water can prevent to be not experience dehydration. Avoid to drinking tea or coffee, moreover soda. It can cause your stomach getting puffed up.

  • Clothes for flying when pregnant.
    Wearing clothes that you are comfort with and also warm. Avoid wearing clothes made by rubber, especially in your waist or stomach part. In order to make your body stay warm in cold cabin plane, don’t forget to bring scarf or sweater.
  • Do not forget to have consultation to your doctor before
    Consult to your doctor about your planning trip by plane, and ask all information about it clearly. Your doctor usually forbid you to have long and distance trip, e.g. trip to another country for long time. In addition, they obviously not allow you to have trip to place with an epidemic transmission diseases.
  • If your doctor allow you to have trip, do not forget to bring your pregnancy medical record whenever it will needed while the trip.

  • Pay attention to your seat in plane
    When you want to buy ticket, you’d better to request seat that nearly by toilet. So, it would be easier whenever you want to go to toilet. Avoid seat closest to window, because it would be annoyed people beside you, whenever you want to go to the toilet often.
  • Forget about high heel shoes if you wanna have flying when pregnant.
    Pregnant women do not allow wearing high heel shoes, including when you’re in trip. Use flat heel shoes. It will make you feel more comfortable during the trip.
  • Do not forget about things that can entertain you while flying when pregnant.
    Bring your favorite books or magazines to vanish your boredom during your long trip. Or you can bring something that can entertain you while trip.
  • Fasten Seat Belt
    Fasten your seat belt in the lower part of your waist. It’s very important for your own good.

    If necessary, try to stand up from your seat every 30 minutes in order to stretch your feet muscles and waist. It also help you to prevent blood clotting.

  • Pray for your safe trip
    Last but not least, one the most important thing you should do is always to pray to the God. You have to be happy, relax, and be sure that you and your baby will be OK while the trip.

So, mom stay healthy and have a nice flying when pregnant.

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