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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotTo find out how attracted he is to you can be a tough matter, in any stage you are right now (whether at the first date or the thirtieth). Some men are open enough and honestly say it if he isn’t interested. Yet, some of them just doing the babbling – and hoping you understand it. Without the need of having a headache (and heartache) while trying to guess what he feels, these relationship experts open some signs when he’s just not that into you.

Super cordial while together, but setting a straight face while in public

While it’s just the two of you at home, he seems can’t be away from you, but why he avoids your touch when there are people around? According to Jordan Harbinger, co founder of Art of Charm, a company that helps men developing their social skills in terms of personal and professional, “If it’s bother him to hold hands in public, it’s like waving a red flag. He’s afraid other people are going to judge.” Holding hands in public isn’t supposed to be a big thing, even for people with a PDA (Public Display of Affection) phobia.

Go to a friend’s party without inviting you

You’ve bought shoes and brand new gown because you heard that his best friend was having a birthday, but it turned out that he went there alone. Is it because he forgot to take you – or he didn’t want you to show up in front of his best friends? It depends on how long you’ve been together. But when you think that you’ve gone together long enough, he might have a reason for not taking you: “It is maybe because he doesn’t want his friends to get to know you.”

Being reluctant when comes to planning

With his friends, he has no problem to plan an event way before the end. But when it comes to you, it seems really difficult for him to commit to the last minute. “If he can only be able for a plan at 7 days maximum, that may not be a good sign,” said Rachel Greenwald, the author of Have Him at Hello: Confessions from One Thousand Guys about What Makes Them Fall in Love… or never Call Back. You can take message from this uncertainty as a sign that he’s not interested.

In the middle of the talk, he can’t stop checking out other women

Don’t get shocked – men tend to steal some glances to other women. But when you have private dinner just both of you, then his eyes must be completely focused on you. Rachel Greenwald emphasized that though it is normal for guys to check out other women, but watch out if he just couldn’t stop staring at them. “You can look at shiny object one time, but you do not go back for the shiny object.”

Took such a long time to respond SMS or phone call

The “What you’re doing?” which is ignored for some hours might mean that you’re not in that high number of his priority list – especially when normally he is quick in responding. “SMS is not a thing that needs a special time,” said Jordan Harbinger. “You can reply an SMS while waiting for your lunch order or printing your task.” If he’s too busy to reply your SMS or call, he’s probably ignoring you.

He doesn’t leave his phone around you

People have a tendency to get attached to their phone, but when he brings his phone whenever he goes – even while in the toilet or taking out the trash – that’s another red flag, said Jordan Harbinger. This habit may show that there’s something he hides.

Never introduce you to his parents

Meeting parents can be a thrilling experience, but when he doesn’t give any chance to you, it is probably that you don’t mean that special to him. “If he merely wants the ‘sweetness’ of relationship, he won’t waste time to meet your friends and family,” said Rachel Greenwald. He will try to introduce you to his parents if he really cares.

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