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Ghrelin Hormone, Enemies for Diet

Ghrelin Hormone Women DietFor those of you who are on a diet and now has nearly succeeded, you may need to beware. It is because your body will face a new problem which is an increase in appetite. This problem will obviously make you feel desperate. In the end, you can’t resist it and your body would get fat again. How do this happen?

The Research of Ghrelin Hormone

A team of scientists from the University of Washington has found a major cause of increased appetite each time the body weight decreasing. This condition is caused by the Ghrelin Hormone, the hormone that is formed by the stomach cells in the bloodstream. Ghrelin Hormone is immediately produced by the body when a person loses several pounds of body weight.

Ghrelin Hormone is also found in people who lost weight after a abdominal surgery. “The level of Ghrelin hormone is not always rising. Once a person loses weight in a large number, the level of this hormone will decline,” said David Cummings, an endocrinology expert who became the leader of this research. He and his colleague, Dr. Mitchell S. Roslin, chief of obesity surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital said that after the abdominal surgery, the ghrelin content will lessen than the ghrelin on the body of people who diet. This could explain the reason for surgery patients can be more successful to get the ideal body weight compared with people who are dieting.

Ghrelin Hormone works naturally in the human body when your body is known to lack of food. This hormone will then react quickly. Indeed, this fact makes it difficult for many dieters, but to achieve an ideal weight that you definitely want is not just need a great effort but also the hard willingness, right?

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