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Tips for Handling Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

premenstrual syndromePremenstrual syndrome (PMS) often becomes problems that happen every month for woman. But it doesn’t mean there is no ways to handle it. There are 5 healthy ways to handle premenstrual syndrome. Here they are:

Doing easy exercise

Doing easy exercise such as: walking fast or swimming can help to reduce the feeling of hurt because of cramps. It can also avoid making stomach puff up. Yoga and Pilates is also good for relaxation and stretching.

Reduce craving

When you suffer from premenstrual syndrome, it is suggested to reduce habit of eating chocolate, crackers, or else. The hormone fluctuation can make you addict to crave, it is suggested to have diet, drink more water and also keep the salt level and also blood sugar. This can help to control eating desire and reduce the feeling of puff up.

Sleep and take a rest
The body will do the healing process and give you energy when you’re sleeping. Besides, you can be more tired and become more slowly than usual before and during menstruation period. So sleeping can energize you. If premenstrual syndrome still disturbs you when you sleep, you can reduce to consume caffeine so that you can sleep well.

Use the old ways by using pillow or bottle that is filled with hot water
Maybe you don’t believe when your mother and grandmother suggest you to use pillow or bottle that is filled with hot water. However this is true, pillow and bottle that is filled with hot water can heal PMS cramp. Put pillow or bottle on the stomach or your back. It can make you feel better and ready to seize the day.

Do not consume medicine carelessly
Many women consume medicine such as: naproxen and ibuprofen to release symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Besides that there are so many herbal solutions that can be used to release the hurt. You have to be careful to consume medicine because it has a long time effect.

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