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How to Choose Calcium Supplements?

how to choose calcium supplementsHey ladies, are you confused to choose calcium supplement? You are not the only one people who feel confused. Nowadays you can buy calcium supplement without the prescription. There are so many types and different dosage of supplement calcium and these make people more confused.

You may be already know about the function of calcium for your health, but sometimes you don’t really know how to choose calcium supplement properly. Now, let me give you some tips about this.

Nowadays there are many types of calcium supplement. But the best supplement for body is the supplement that is suitable with your body. There are several considerations that you can use for choosing supplement such as: the tolerance level, the easiness, whether you feel comfortable or not when you consume it, the price and the supply at market.

The type of Calcium

  • Citrate Calcium. This type is mostly used in supplement form. This type is absorbed well when it digested with foods.
  • Gluconate Calcium. This calcium supplement is for vegetarian.
  • Hydroxy Apatite Calcium. This calcium is the easiest supplement to be absorbed by body.
  • Carbonate Calcium. This is the additional substance and it is less expensive. But it is hard to be absorbed and it will make some people belch.

Tips for choosing Calcium Supplements

  • You should check the label carefully. This is for knowing the ingredients of the supplement. If the type of the supplement is carbonate calcium, you have to consume it with food because the gastric acid can improve the absorbing of carbonate calcium. But if the type of calcium supplement is citrate calcium you don’t need to consume it with food.
  • Avoid consuming supplement that contains the bone forming element or dolomite. This product can contain toxic like tin, mercury, and arsenic.
  • Don’t be amazed with the calcium supplement with the chelat bond. That product is more expensive and it doesn’t have excess than other products.
  • Citrate calcium and Carbonate calcium are the calcium that are the best and safe to be consumed. But choose the product that has USP logo (United States Pharmacopeia. This logo is the sign that the product has high standard.

Tips for consuming Calcium Supplements

  • Calcium can be absorbed efficiently by body when you drink it in certain dosage. Consume 500 mg of calcium or less. If you have to consume 1000 mg calcium in one day, break the tablet into 2 pieces or more until the amount is 1000 mg.
  • You should not drink the calcium supplement with other Fe supplement, anti biotic medicine and also the blood pressure medicine. It is because calcium can destruct the absorbing of those medicines.
  • Consult with doctor or the pharmacist to know the reaction that will possible happen between calcium and medicine that you consume.
  • Carbonate calcium absorbed well after you eat while citrate calcium can be consumed any time.
  • You can drink it with orange juice or cranberry juice that has high vitamin C because vitamin C can help in absorbing calcium by body.
  • Try to consume one dosage of calcium before you sleep because the hormonal changing that happens when sleeping can improve the capability for body to use calcium.
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