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Antibiotics: General Knowledge

antibioticsAntibiotics is one of the medications that are often prescribed by doctors, yet not much of the details understood by the patients. How many types of antibiotics and how the doctor exactly decides the correct type?

Though, as a matter of fact the patients could not freely buy antiobiotics without the doctor’s prescription, they need to know some facts about antibiotics. The purpose is that the patients would understand how antibiotics work, that they will be more aware on the importance of antibiotics dosage and administration.

What is the function of antibiotics?

Antibiotics is used to treat bacterial infections. There are various bacteria which can attack the body, so there are as well various types of antibiotics to fight them.

When are antibiotics not be used?

Antibiotics cannot be used for infections that are not caused by bacteria. Some infections caused by virus such as cough, influenza, sore throat, chicken pox, and gastroenteritis (tummy bugs) cannot be tackled with antibiotics.

There used to be a tendency to use antibiotics excessively, but now the doctors are putting more carefulness when doing the prescriptions. Excessive use may cause resistance towards bacteria that the body becomes immune to antibiotics.

Why does antibiotics frequently not work at the first usage?

For common types of infections, doctor knows what bacteria which usually becomes the cause and what exactly the suitable antibiotics. However, if the infection is caused by unusual bacteria, the antibiotics will not handle to cure it. In this certain case, the doctor will change to other antibiotics.

How doctor recognize type of antibiotics should be used?

Doctor will use the sample to be reared in the laboratory test. Generally, the sample is in the form of urine or feces or it can be the sample of bacteria which taken from the throat by swabbing it. Then, some antibiotics are tested to see which one is effective enough to exterminate the bacteria growth in the reared sample.

How many types of antibiotics existed?

At least, there are 50 different types of antibiotics and categorized based on how the way it works. Usually, doctor will prescribe, starting from the most common antibiotics on the list for minor illness and from the special list of antibiotics for certain condition like TB (Tuberculosis).

Does antibiotics have the same effect for every person across the world?

There are various impacts of antibiotics and it is decided based on the age of the patient, the general health condition, and how severe is the infection. Intravenous injections (inside the blood vessels) or intramuscular (inside the muscle tissue) would increase the antibiotics impact and it is given when the illness is considered severe. The causes of the infection are generally different in each place, so the treatment procedure at every country may also differ from each other.

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