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The Benefits of Marriage for Health

benefits of marriage for healthMarriage is one of someone’s goals. Each person has certain reason when she or he decides to get married. Maybe one of the reasons is to have children. But from many reasons, there is one important reason why people decide to get married. Marriage claimed can give benefits for health. Yes, there are many Benefits of Marriage

Alice Domar wrote in her book entitled Live a Little! Married that marriage couple have support system and the social network that always build up. Maybe one of you will support your couple to have a good food pattern, join sport club, or warn the couple to stop smoking.

The List of the Benefits of Marriage

This Benefits of Marriage can be felt if you have happy marriage because not all marriage can run smoothly. Every marriage must be built up with the strong effort from each couple so that you can get happiness. Because of that try to keep the harmony in your marriage so you can feel the [wpseo]Benefits of Marriage[/wpseo] for your health which are:

  • It can prevent the diabetes. In Diabetes Care journal mentioned that a woman who has high glucose level in her blood has bigger possibility in suffering from diabetes if she lives alone than if she is married.
  • The one of Benefits of Marriage shows that marriage can prevent the risk of suffering from hypertension. The experts in Brigham University said that the happy marriage couple has health blood pressure. In other words, it can be concluded that couple who doesn’t feel happiness in the marriage has worst record. Dr Domar said that, ‘I ever asked my patient to divorce because a failed marriage can give bad effect if she still endures her marriage.’
  • No smoking & alcohol. Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that marriage couple seldom smoke and consume alcohol drink too much than people who don’t get married, divorce or widower.
  • It can make people live longer. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health explains that people who don’t get married have bigger possibility to die faster until 58%.
  • It can prevent the mental disorder. Kate Scott who is a psychologist from Otago University in New Zealand, explains that people who are married have good body immune system. Through the research that is published in Psychological Medicine journal investigates that marriage can give many benefits. One of the benefits of marriage is it can give the health mental life for both husband and wife. People, who don’t get married, have bigger possibility in suffering from mental disorder than people who get married. This is also for the widow and widower. Generally their health is more threatening because the risk of mental disorder is high.
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