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DIY Skin Lightening Masks

The quest for having fairer skin has been the goal of so many women. I know that there are some cultures where tanned skin is the norm but there are also some cultures that makes women want to have perfectly fair skin. There are so many whitening products and services that are being offered. Sometimes, […]

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Optimum Temperature for Breast Milk Storage

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There is no doubt that breast milk is the most optimal source of nutrients for babies. Therefore, breast milk is irreplaceable. However, the nutrients quality in breast milk is profoundly influenced by its storage method before it is distributed to baby. The storage of breast milk by freezing or refrigeration of milk with and without […]

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Diet for Healthy Nails

Although nails make up our external appearance, they are usually the last to be looked after. Many of us tend to have brittle nails that chip easily or discolored nails that we just don’t know what to do with them. Now hear this… a simple change or improvement in what we eat can change our […]

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